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Okay, so thinking realistically about the whole one year later situation we’ve got going on, and the confirmation of Alanas return, I actually doubt she is dead.

If we assume that the people that died at the Red Dinner are quite literally dead and buried within a few weeks, then the only…

Alana is the one who suffered the least fatal injuries. People fall off the roof of their house and survive. They’re injured for 6 months but they survive. If Jack and Will can survive their fatal injuries, then Alana is alive and well. The one who probably dies is Abigail.


I’m a foreword and a page into Red Dragon and I’m already practically sobbing because Will Graham is precious and omg I’m gonna meet Molly and Willy (I can’t believe the kid’s name is Willy) I’m gonna meet Molly and Will is here and working for Jack and my bby

Do you know how the book ends?

No cat fight ladies.

No cat fight ladies.


DLC in talks with Caroline to create a Twitter account! [x]

I hope it means Alana Boom is alive and she’ll be in S3.


What if, when Alana got out of the hospital, she quit the FBI and became the new director of the BSHCI and made real reforms so it wasn’t actually a horrible excuse for a “hospital?”  And patients actually started showing real improvement?

She goes to Chicago.