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Hannibal Watch

or “lidded-dish”, the soup portion of the meal

Will: “You’re moving smoothly and slowly, Jack. Carrying your concentration like a brimming cup.”

Will: “There’s a common emotion we all recognize, and not yet named: the happy anticipation of being able to feel contempt.”

Hannibal: “Not only do I have to let Will go, I have to let this all go… I can’t dwell on death anymore.”

Frederick: “It would be narrow not to at least consider it.”

Frederick: “Needless to say, I won’t be eating the food.”

Hannibal: “We both just buried a friend. We buried Will.”
Alana: “There’s something liberating in finally letting him go..”

Abel: “My compliments to the chef.”


One of the most analyzed episodes by fans, there isn’t much that isn’t obvious or already been said. I have been making this part of the posts a bit more analytic than mere observances, but this episode was so dense I can’t even begin to delve into it after a second viewing.

The tree has a presence and tone similar to that of the totem from season one. The music plays in the same way, the background out of focus to give a sense of internal surrealism.

Abel mentions, though I continue to forget it is there, the Lena and the Swan painting. Zeus rapes Lena in the guise of a Swan…very much like what Hannibal is doing to everyone right now. He acts like the innocent animal, but internally he is filled with mass violence.

The line Hannibal says about the split screen, viewing how he wants to see the events and how they actually are, is exactly what Bryan Fuller and the crew are doing so well right now with us. Imagination vs. reality. Reliability vs. unreliability. Realism vs. surrealism.

Jack and Alana are doing exactly what their characters would do i those situations. They are perfect characters, acting out flawlessly, but it isn’t beyond reason for them to go about their actions in these ways. We might hate it because we see what is going on. It is hard to erase the knowledge we have and place ourselves in their shoes at times.

Roasting meat in clay. Yes, how very theatrical and practical. Wonderful presentation of the true horror. This scene is exactly what makes me love the horror of the show and exactly why this show won’t reach a larger fan base. When you tell someone that a man is forced to eat his own leg as his own last supper, you will get disturbed faces and they, for obvious reasons, won’t want to see it. Hide the violence in a confusing whirlwind of events like The Following or The Blacklist, keep it from being too exposed, and people will be fine with it. Here’s to a few more years of disturbing dinner scenes yet to come.

I think it was my favorite episode of S2. Will finally got his mojo back. The tree. The music notes turning into flowers. Abel eating is own leg.

Caroline Dhavernas

Caroline Dhavernas will be on the TV show “Les enfants de la télé” on September 17.


So when do we find out that Quinn is secretly Felicia Forrester’s long lost twin sister?

Both played Lois on GH!


today i learned that an “invasion of privacy” seems to only matter when men are compromised whereas exploited women “should know better”


ELIZABETH: “Haven’t you heard? The old A.J. died and when you came back, you got an upgrade.”

Why did RC screw this up? Liz & the boys moving in the Q mansion would have been epic.

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