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Harvey & Mike looking dashing for casino night.

Harvey & Mike looking dashing for casino night.

In Katrina Crane's defense.


Isn’t she the reason Ichabod is alive in the first place?

Some people are speculating that Katrina Crane is in league with Moloch. That she herself is a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. That she is the reason two horseman exist. Even that her child Jeremy was so powerful that he burnt the very family…

Thank you. Ichabod is alive because of Katrina.


This kiss lasted twelve seconds

12 glorious seconds :-)


Ichatrina kiss

Worth posting, or posting again, since the Ichatrina tag is getting filled with crap from haters.

Worth posting, or posting again, since the Ichatrina tag is getting filled with crap from haters.

Well, I think, and I’m sure everyone would agree, Katrina, kind of more than anything, was there to serve a purpose last year, which is to progress the story. She’s there to give us information and warn us about things. And that was kind of it, apart from a few flashbacks that was all you really saw of her. Now you start to explore their relationship a bit further and I’m pleased because you start to see why Crane wouldn’t stop going on about her. You start to see reasons for his behavior towards her last year. But then equally there’s a very interesting dynamic where finally she’s in the modern world. Well she’s with the Headless Horseman to begin with, she gets taken up by him, but finally they’re together again. She’s been waiting 200 and however many years and he’s been waiting since he came out of the ground the first time. And it’s weird. It’s weird then being back together. He then suddenly realizes, “My wife lied to me s***loads. She was a spy, she was a witch,” there are a couple of other revelations that you find out. And then you get into the interesting relationship of, “I need to trust her but how can I?” You start building up your armies and she’s a vital part of our army, but she’s lied so much before, what effect is that going to have on the war and our relationship from now on?

Interview: Tom Mison on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 and an odd Silence of the Lambs comparison (via amercurialqueen)

It means the writers will throw Katrina under the bus. This way Ichabod can move on without being a cheater and Abbie won’t be a home-wrecker. It’s classic uncreative writing.

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Funny how he was able to spend more time in Purgatory in 1 session with Abbie than w/ his wife from the minute he woke up.

Incorrect, Orlando.

Ichabod and Katrina had a scene in purgatory in episode 1x10 that was longer than this purgatory scene from 2x01.